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SiVenture offers a range of security related services to assist you to achieve your business objectives, whilst minimising the risk from security weaknesses. SiVenture is a fully accredited Common Criteria Test laboratory (CCTL), also known as an IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) or Commercial Evaluation Facility (CLEF); and an accredited CESG Commercial Product Assurance test laboratory.

SiVenture has experience in all areas of security evaluation, including software, hardware, cryptography and silicon chips, and offers services relating to Common Criteria (ISO 15408) and CESG Commercial Product Assurance (CPA), as well as services tailored to specific customer requirements.

Located in Maidenhead, UK, SiVenture is easily accessible to development centres in Europe, UK, Asia Pacific and the US.

Our history

The SiVenture team offers extensive security experience across a range of market sectors, including finance, defence, transportation, mobile wallets, product and system evaluations, and also provide security training, both as standard courses covering, for example, the physical security concerns faced by smartcard manufacturers, to bespoke courses tailored specifically to your needs.

We offer expertise in all of the threat areas that your products or services may face. Our multidisciplined team of experienced evaluators, software engineers, mathematicians, physicists, cryptographers and smart card professionals can tackle the most challenging projects.

We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2722 for evaluating the security of IT products and systems to Common Criteria standards.

Our mission

SiVenture puts your products, systems and services through their paces before they are released. We can spot problems before they lead to major losses or litigation. In order to do this, we offer three types of services: